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Easily and quickly add tilt sensing capability to your Xbox 360 and Xbox controllers. Play your favorite games by simply rotating the controller in the direction you want to move.

There are two kits available, Xilt Advanced and Xilt Lite, Both provide similar functionality.

- Xilt Advanced allows full customization of tilt degree to joystick output control
- Xilt Lite only allows setting limit by degree, that is, not as customizable.

Xilt Features:
- Works with Wired and Wireless controllers
- Only 7 wires needed
- Install in 10-15 minutes
- Easily Enable/Disable tilt mod without an ugly switch
- Easily change tilt threshold in all four axis
- USB Configurator for changing any settings
- FW is upgradable (not end user)
- Xilt Advanced: Full configuration of Tilt angle to Controller Axis direction
- 4 Modes of operation, each axis can be controlled by a combination of tilt and joystick
X - Tilt, Y - Joystick
X - Joystick, Y - Tilt
X - Joystick, Y - Joystick
X - Tilt, Y - Tilt
- Invert X and/or Y axis of tilt
- Deadzone support - Any degree of deadzone can be configured

The price is still being adjusted but we feel this is the best possible price given the features and extensibility. As always, we stand by our products so that you can be sure any future improvements will be free.

More possibilities
The technology can be expanded to many other uses. Anything that requires tilt sensing can be controlled with our technology. Contact us with any inquiries.

Xilt Lite Availability
Currently available is the Xilt Advanced. Sometime in the coming weeks you will see the Xilt Lite. The Xilt lite will have most of the features of the Xilt Advanced, but wont be as customizable and wont require a PC to configure.

Partnership Support
I have simply been overwhelmed with the requests for the Xilt and several teams and companies have graciously offered to aid in my efforts, I thank you all for that. Only one came out on top, Team Xecuter, giving me the full freedom to develop it as I saw fit with no pressure, and with a reasonable market price. I will continue to develop the firmware and sell direct, but you may also wish to purchase it from a local distributer of theirs.

Dont forget to check out my other great product, the XIR Remote @ http://xir.us

News (old news)
- 6/29/2006 - I will be away until next monday.
- 6/21/2006 - Wireless Controller install guide is complete. New usage guides too.
- 6/14/2006 - XiltProgrammer Software and Drivers posted on 'Xilt Prog' page
- 6/12/2006 - Server IP changed, please use contact@xir.us for email for the time being.
- 6/5/2007 - Online ordering is Online.
- 5/24/2007 - Website is public
- 5/18/2007 - Website Online
- 5/14/2007 - Xilt 1.0 Rev C Ready for release. Samples being sent out this week.
- 5/1/2007 - Bad batch of pcb's, release date delayed.
- 4/27/2007 - Hardware ready. Xilt 1.0 ready for release.
- 4/26/2007 - Fw and Software ready.

A big Thank You to the originator of the 360 Tilt idea Adam Thole.