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Wired Controller Installation Guide

Clean Install
This is the 'Clean' Install guide. What does this mean? There is no need to cut traces, potentially damaging the controller.

- Solder Iron
- Solder
- Philips (+) screwdriver
- Tool to cut a little bit of plastic. Wire cutters, knife, etc.
- Drill or tool to make a hole.
- Solder Pump or Solder Wick (to remove solder)

Step 1 - Remove 7 screws from back of the controller. One screw is under the barcode/serial number sticker. Disconnect the motors from the pcb.

Step 2 - You will now desolder the left triggers potentiometer. 3 Spots.

Step 3 - Now remove the trigger itself. Press out the two black clips holding the trigger in place.

Step 4 - Desolder the potentiometer and housing. 14 spots.

Step 5 - Remove the potentiometer. Bend the middle pin of both sides outward.

Step 6 - Re-install the potentiometer onto the controllers pcb.

Step 7 - Solder the 12 spots, the middle spots of the two sides wont be soldered because the pin is now bent outside.

Step 8 - Cut a 'V' into the side of the trigger housing. This is to pass a wire later on.

Step 9 - Pass the green wire thru the trigger housing, and solder to the middle hole. 'X'

Step 10 - Re-install the trigger housing onto the controller pcb. Re-solder the triggers potentiometer, the one removed in step 2.

Step 11 - Solder the blue wire 'X Pot' and yellow wire 'Y Pot' to the potentiometer.

Step 12 - Solder the red wire 'V-', orange wire 'Y', and purple wire 'VR' to the side of the controller pcb.

Step 13 - Solder the grey wire 'V+' to the pad labeled 'TP18'.

Step 14 - Drill a hole on the back casing.

Step 15 - Cut a 'V' thru the plastic next to the hole.

Step 16 - Before you start to close the controller, make sure you re-soldered all the pads that were desoldered earlier.

Step 17 - Closing of the controller is not hard, but takes patience. Connect the motors and install the pcb to the top case (the buttons and stick case).

Step 18 - Feed the wires thru the hole and start to install the back case.

Step 19 - Route the wires on the back case as shown. (In the pictures the top case is not installed for easy demonstration). Make sure none of the wires get pintched by screw holes.

Step 20 - Close the controller and screw all 7 screws back in.

Step 21 - Solder the wires to the Xilt.

Wire ColorXilt Pad

Step 22 - Istall Xilt onto the back of controller.

Installation Is Complete !

Read the Usage Guide for details on using the Xilt.