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Drivers and Software can be found via 'Xilt Prog' page.

Installation Guides

Wired Controller
- Wired Controller - Clean Method

Wireless Controller
- Wireless Controller - Clean Method

Required Tools:
- Soldering Iron
- Drill / Method to make hole

- Clean Method (Best) - Solder Pump or Solder Braid
- Ditry Method (Fast) - Exacto Knife to cut traces/plastic

Clean Install/Dirty Install - What does this mean?
The clean method requires desoldering a couple components, meanwhile the dirty method requires cutting traces.
The clean method requires an extra few minutes and an extra tool, but yields a fool proof install, while cutting traces can cause damage if the traces are not properly cut or if the wrong traces are cut.

Coming Soon:
Wired Controller - Dirty Method
Wireless Controller - Dirty Method

Usage Guides

Using the Xilt - Xilt Modes

Coming Soon:
Configuring the Xilt