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Xilt Advanced


Features of Xilt Advanced:

- Works with Wired and Wireless controllers
- Only 7 wires needed
- Install in 10-15 minutes
- Easily Enable/Disable tilt mod without an ugly switch
- Easily change tilt threshold in all four axis
- USB Configurator for changing any settings
- FW is upgradable (not end user)
- Full configuration of Tilt angle to Controller Axis direction
- 4 Modes of operation, each axis can be controlled by a combination of tilt and joystick

X - Tilt, Y - Joystick
X - Joystick, Y - Tilt
X - Joystick, Y - Joystick
X - Tilt, Y - Tilt
- Invert X and/or Y axis of tilt
- Deadzone support - Any degree of deadzone can be configured

Package Contents:

- Xilt Advanced
- 7 Colore coded Wires
- optional - Xilt Configurator (usb)

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